Graphic Design <span>by Gretchen Mergenthaler</span>The Space <span>by Photo: Martha Granger</span>Laura Fois, Edwin Matos Jr. <span>by Photo: Martha Granger</span>Edwin Matos Jr., Laura Fois <span>by Photo: Martha Granger</span>Laura Fois, Edwin Matos Jr., Medina Senghore <span>by Photo: Martha Granger</span>Edwin Matos Jr., Matt Higgins <span>by Photo: Martha Granger</span>Anne Pasquale, Edwin Matos Jr. <span>by Photo: Martha Granger</span>Matt Higgins, Edwin Matos Jr., Anne Pasquale, Medina Senghore, Devin Haqq <span>by Photo: Martha Granger</span>Devin Haqq, Medina Senghore <span>by Photo: Martha Granger</span>Matt Higgins, Anne Pasquale, Devin Haqq <span>by Photo: Martha Granger</span>Medina Senghore, Laura Fois <span>by Photo: Martha Granger</span>Matt Higgins, Anne Pasquale, Devin Haqq <span>by Photo: Martha Granger</span>The Set <span>by Photo: Martha Granger</span>

All the Best Ingredients by James Bosley

directed by Rik Walter

Presented at Good Shepherd School, Inwood
May 5 – 15, 2011

In a tiny prison deep underground three guards tend to three prisoners. The prisoners are charged with conspiring to subvert. The guards’ assignment is to get the subversives to recant their subversive beliefs. To accomplish this they use torture, they use the promise of transfer to a facility above ground, and they use the most delicious cupcakes anyone has ever dreamed of.


Laura Fois*
Devin Haqq*
Matt Higgins
Edwin Matos Jr.
Anne Pasquale*
Medina Senghore

Stage Manager – Karen Evanouskas
Lighting Design – Kate Ashton
Costumes – Sarah Lind
Technical Director – Alan Spaulding
Graphic Design – Gretchen Mergenthaler
Original Staging Concept – Wendy McClellan

*Appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association
Actors’ Equity approved showcase

What our audiences said:

“I would applaud it solely for being the launch of a serious uptown theater company but Ingredients is much more than that. It is a stimulating, debate producing show that some how manages to include laughter. Well done UP. And well worth it.” – Eddie Antar, Playwright

“Great job. Congrats to the cast and creators of All the Best Ingredients! Thought-provoking and beautifully done!” – Katy Rubin, Artistic Director, Theatre of the Oppressed.

“Funny, chilling, provoking and completely original…” – Mino Lora, Artistic Director, People’s Theatre Project

“The real genius of the play is that it has a genuine and solid center, rooted in emotion and need. So it ended up being touching as well as dark and nightmarish. I loved cupcakes as a form of torture and submission. To me, that says it all. And the world you created, and kept us in, was brilliant, with visits to the vent and loathing of useless courtesy words. I really liked the space and what you did with it. I love seat-of-your-pants theater and you did it with real grace. I can’t wait to see what happens next…What happens next? – Anna Cascio, Writer

I want to congratulate everyone who contributed to the success of ‘All the Best Ingredients’. The play is an impressive achievement and is likely the first of its kind to be produced in Inwood. – Haden Peterson, Inwood Resident

“You guys should be proud. Of the play. Of the production. Of your company. The play is a really strong piece.One of those things that we enjoyed as much after the fact as we did watching it.” – Larry Jacobs, Producer

“We discussed it a long time on Saturday and I’m still thinking about those cupcakes and how much they mean.” – Katherine Peabody, Producer

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