09 January 2017

3 Cold Sundays. 3 Hot Plays

Three cold Sundays. Three hot plays.

January 15, 22, 29
7:00 pm

Holy Trinity Church Inwood
20 Cumming St, NY, NY 10034

*FREE Admission*

Sunday, January 15


Elana Gartner
directed by Jacki Goldhammer

Robyn’s biological mother tracks her down via Facebook, asking for help. The teenager and her adoptive parents now face the challenge of accepting a new and awkward “extended” family.

Sunday, January 22

An American Book of the Dead –
the Game Show

Paul Mullin
directed by Rik Walter

Plucked from the audience, three contestants live and die their way through a myriad of American incarnations as they compete for the ultimate prize: perfect enlightenment. With a cast of thousands, when things seem like they couldn’t get weirder, they do.

Sunday, January 29

Aux Cop

Quincy Long

A comedy about a ne’er-do-well who finally finds respect as a New York City policeman. Well actually, he’s only an auxiliary policeman. Well no, he’s not really that either. It’s complicated. But in the end he solves the case, saves the hooker with a heart of something, and wins back his wife.

But wait, there’s more!

(post-holiday edition)

UP’s master of ceremonies, Richard Grunn, returns with his cast of winsome characters, shepherded by ‘Father Joiner’, group leader and poet laureate of magnetic refrigerator poetry.

Saturday, January 14
8:00 pm
Inwood UpstART
93 Cooper, NY NY 10034

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