10 April 2016

American Drum Circle – Sneak Peek

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Kathleen Grace Fiori

“I don’t want to feel better right now, I only want to be told the truth. And I’m not gonna get that from you.”

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Dennis Fox *

“We’re not just leaves blowing around in the wind. The Lord is taking care of both of us! I need you to believe that too.”

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Serge Thony *

“It ain’t just your Bible verse, it’s my tribal curse / Old testament judgment, keepin’ coins out my purse / Sins of the father, the mother’s transgressions / Genetic progressions, punished for generations, no.”


Nneoma Nkuku *

“You are becoming more like an American every day – you write your little songs and then expect them to make you rich and famous overnight.”

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Rick Younger *

“Just because someone makes a promise in the name of the Lord doesn’t mean that the Lord is behind it.”

*Appear courtesy Actors’ Equity Association

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