18 March 2018

Detained – Sneak Peek

Beau McGhee
“What’s with the barbed wire? Are we in prison?”

Nina Mehta
“Where does he think we are? On a Carnival cruise? This place would make anyone afraid.”

Robert S. Gregory *
“I’m not afraid. I’m angry. I expected more from this country.”

Thomas Vorsteg
“Dad I want to go home. Dad I want to go home. Dad I want to go home.”

Laura Fois *
“Flip flops or slippers? I recommend slippers as it can get pretty cold in here when the air conditioner is cranked up.”

Natalia Plaza
“My dad insisted on taking a stand. But that’s how we ended up here.”

Ken Dillon
“If you so much as look at me wrong, Missy, I will make sure that you get taken away from your mother and you will never see her again.”

Nercido Mota
“Your boyfriend has gone hasn’t he? No one to watch your back now.”

Julia Cavagna
“We do not have a home. I pray we never go back. Our life is over.”

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