K Comma Joseph by Kirby Fields | directed by Josh Liveright November 7 – 17, 2012 Good Shepherd School Auditorium 620 Isham Street
New York, NY 10034 (Directions)

“…intense, dark and downright disturbing. It definitely pushed the envelope – which I believe is what makes good theatre.

K Comma Joseph by Kirby Fields, directed by Josh Liveright, was presented at the Good Shepard School Auditorium, Inwood, November 7 – 17, 2012.

assistant director & stage manager Abigail Strange
production manager Aaron Simms
sets John McDermott, lights Dante Olivia Smith
costumes Michele Sinacore, fights Ron Piretti
sound David Margolin Lawson, video Alex Koch
props Karen Kunz, makeup Shannon Park
graphic design Gretchen Mergenthaler
artistic director & producer James Bosley

Laura Fois*, Matt Higgins, Tracie Higgins*, Carl Pasbjerg, Jared Reinmuth*, Miguel Reis, Nikaury Rodriguez, Serena Ryen and Rik Walter*
*appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association


A simple complaint about the hot water leads a mild-mannered clerk down a rabbit’s hole of intrigue and duplicity. Finding himself on “a list” and charged with unknown crimes, he is suddenly at odds with his boss, his wife and a corrupt government official.  On the run, his life destroyed, he has nothing left to save but his soul.  The play asks if even the most innocent among us is safe when every inch of our lives – and our hard drives – are examined. The play rings the alarm on a government/corporate partnership that assumes a right to monitor the thoughts of its citizens, and is certain to reassure paranoids of every political stripe.

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