17 October 2016


UP Theater Company Presents Merciful Father by Atar Hadari
Merciful Father - blurb
Bill Christ

Bill Christ *


“A good chaste girl, who never knew the world. The Scroll will care for her.”

Elizabeth Bell

Elizabeth A. Bell *


“She won’t be the first girl to have had a bit of a cuddle before the wedding.”

Lauren Capkanis

Lauren Capkanis


“You can’t make me be what you weren’t.”

Sarah Kiefer

Sarah Kiefer *


“Why you? You get a four-bedroom house, you get the family jewels, you get a little girl. Why not me?”

Nikole Williams

Nikole Williams *


“D’you want to lay the Sabbath table for me? D’you want to be my wife?”

Matt Antar

Matt Antar


“It’d be my joy. My role in life is to make her a star of the single mattress.”

Jonathan Ellers

Jonathan Ellers

Rabbi Malcolm

“These things happen. Your girl’s wandered out by mistake? Turn a blind eye.”

Richard Grunn

Richard Grunn *


“You come to where only God is – and you find him. And he, then the trouble is, finds you.”

Mary Albert

Mary Albert


“I used to go out in the fields with my boyfriend, before my teacher got me pregnant. He used to pick me flowers.”

Heather Michelle

Heather Michelle


“Don’t you know how to fake an orgasm? It’s the bedrock of our profession.”

*Appear courtesy Actors’ Equity Association


Merciful Father
by Atar Hadari

directed by James Bosley
loosely adapted from God of Vengence by Sholem Asch

November 1-12

Tuesdays – Saturdays @ 8:00pm
The Garret
at Ft. Washington Collegiate
729 West 181 Street, NYC 10033

To 181 Street

scenic Samual Vawter
costumes Brenna McShane
lighting Duane Pagano
sound David Margolin Lawson
production stage manager Elizabeth Ramsay
graphic design deanheagledesigns.com

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