17 March 2016

ShowingUP! This Sunday, March 20

March 20 @ 7pm

This Sunday’s Line-up of
Half-baked & Brand-spankin’ acts:

Barbara Blatner (excerpts from the effects of war) Lonnie Cooper (apparently he sings) Digital Therapists (sketch-y comedy) Jonathan Ellers (the whole megillah, with wigs) Neil Levy (we hear his songs are witty) Eric Nolan(normanuniform writes a novel) Anna Purves (so does she) Melanie & Lorelie Rey (70’s-inspired mother and child) Lindsay Whiteman (girl with uke)

All kept moving right along by:
Grunn & Goldhammer (aka: Rich and Jacki)


Holy Trinity Church

20 Cumming Street
(Between Broadway & Seaman)
New York, NY 10034

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